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Lizzie Parra

Refined then darls. How's that? Glad to have been able to introduce you to linda. That liltte lady has a big cook happening and it smells delicious. Keep your diary free for when you are invited over for dinner- coz it will be delicious. It always is. She has the most wonderful exotic spices that make all the difference. Former air traffic controller huh? That tells me a lot about you in a very small snippet of info. Garygary simpson's last blog post.
by Julia
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by Ali
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by Daniela
“the pine trees were also part of the effort to make palestine look like northern europe. hi0;‚w22ch only goes to show that most israelis have no connetion whatsoever to the land. If they did, they would have no desire to turn a part of the middle east into somethign that resembles a foreign entity. Shmolo zand is vindicated again.
by Retta