Photographer: Glenn Prasetya

Stylist: Yolland Handoko

Hairstylist: Anditasy


Stay Awesome,

Lizzie Parra

Going slightly off the board in syinag that bobby ryan is one of the most underrated danglers in the nhl today. The guy has got some sick mitts. Can't believe no one has brought up his goal against nashville a few seasons back. One of the highlights of the season and put his talents on display. A mighty duck triple deke, leaving legwand undressed twice and then having the composure to finish it off with a top cheese backhand against one of the best goalies in the league. Definately one to remember.
by Emanuele
I love bingo challenges and a joy to take part thank you. Also got my goody bag for septembers rondam winner prize from the ribbon girl on friday its absolutely fabulous and the ribbons lace and extras are beautiful. I cant wait to use it. Watch this space! . Thanks so much
by Janeth
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by Helda
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by Rafael
I really thought they were meatballs! Good job! Sourdough dumplings sounds very intreesting but tasty! I don't think i can let go of a single drip of that curry sauce.
by Helene
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by Lefty
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by Nollie