Got a chance to be part of NURULITA Exhibition with ICONIC WOMAN theme in Plaza Indonesia last June. There are also other MUA and stylist that also collaborate for this project, and I was collaborating with Rajasa Pramesyawara and Chekka Cuomova.

Enjoy :)


Stay Awesome,

Lizzie Parra


Dara Warganegara as Oei Hui Lan
Dara Warganegara as Oei Hui Lan
Raline Shah as Jane Birkin
Raline Shah as Jane Birkin
Sarita as Jacki O
Sarita as Jacki O
Andien as Billie Holiday
Andien as Billie Holiday
I am such a big fan of billie. She is an inspirational woman and amazing singer. Billie is an african american woman and most of her pictures were in black and white, this must have been a challenge, but your technique in the shades and colors of your models makeup really represented billie (eleanora fagan) even in color photography. The simple shades of eyeshadow, bold lipstick, and the shape of her eyebrows really brought the "billie holiday" look and style of makeup from that era. Bravo! Billie a. k . A lady day would be proud.
by Kartika
Oh, maannn! And you didn't invite us outa clackamas. After i added ya to my buddy list, too. Oh, well, i codulna gone anyway i was in surgery. And that dutch star in anderson, ind. , that you offered to go see for me last fall, sold right after my deal for it fell through. I probly shoulda come up with the dough somehow. So now we're still lookin' for wheels. Hey, joel, nice to hear from you. I was in and out of town so fast that i didn’t call anyone, just showed up at my favorite bar in gresham, bumped into some friends, and off we all went up to the lake. Two of them own land up there, one with a stick house the other with a mobile home. Plenty of space to park the rig and lots of fun. Gordon and bob (the guy in the boat with the white cap and blue shorts) are the land owners and except for linda, bob’s wife, all the rest of us were guests. Next time i’m in town i’ll send you a pm. To bad about the rig…and i was so near to it too.
by Shiva
I produce jazz evntes throught the year at st peters by the waterfront, i am at present looking at 2013 bookings/. What do the you charge for the duo , we are in suffolk. You would need an overnight stay, we can provide a double room with facilities free at my house for this purpose. St peters is a chariy run by the ipswich hospital band. We run two concert bands. I am one of the directors of the charity. Do have a sample of the singer please. Regards vic lowne
by Frike
Hello claire, i am probably one of your, let me say, senoir listeners being a child of the fifties (yes 50 s! ) and the wonderful swinging sixties oh yes it rocked and rolled like a good one! I love the sweet floaty music you play and you are costing me a fortune in buying them for my collection (when they are available that is however claire, my poor ears were assaulted violently at 12. 45 am (i think) last nights show when you played some awful rapp type something or other it was horrid i had to tune away, but was back again soon after playing loud and proud with my six big speaker set up around my bedroom. I am unfortunately a widower having lost the light of my life, my very dear wife to cancer after a 30 year wonderful marriage and four now grown and flown children. So i can have the sounds up as high as i like! No near neighbours, so no worries out here in beautiful south wales. Oh yes, why oh why do we have a mono dab signal here and not stereo? Any idea's claire? Anyway moaning over, keep on playing the beautiful floaty ones claire. God bless,with peace & love, bilbo. Http://bcryrvndef. Com [url=http://rjmggwkn. Com]rjmggwkn[/url] [link=http://wwgybnp. Com]wwgybnp[/link]
by Marlies
- awesome! A lass i follow on pinterest was lkinoog for the designer / photographer and using google image search i found you. Funny that this was the post i ended up at! Hopefully google search by image will take off a bit more so more people make their way to the source absolutely stunning work by the way will be following you from here on in! Http://bhtazqb. Com [url=http://lzdboplp. Com]lzdboplp[/url] [link=http://ozzosaoj. Com]ozzosaoj[/link]
by Sukhbir
Great point gerry! I had another officer friend say he's seeing many guns these days that look like toys but they are not. The latest one he saw was purple and pink. Scary! Thanks for dropping in and leaving a view from the poyale. Wicne
by Heidi