Minimal Gold Lookbook 2013 in Collaboration with Grazia Indonesia.

Photographer: Glenn Prasetya
Makeup: Lizzie Parra
Hair: Shabura
Stylist: Yolland Handoko
Models: Mariya & Lara
Wardrobe: Minimal Gold


Stay Awesome,
Lizzie Parra

The lashes collection
Wow this is a really beuifatul photograph:) i love that you are barefeet and wearing suspenders it's so cute in a tom sawyer sort of way:) seriously, that's a good photograph. You are undeniably one of the most talented persons i've come across. I am a fan of sketches and by far yours is my favorite as of this moment. Your artwork has got me totally hooked i wait each day for new pieces. You wouldn't believe that i actually asked my mom if she could by all the prints i wanted in your etsy store! :d i'm not kidding haha:d i am seriously planning on getting two or three of your prints i hope they're still available.
by Andres
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by Enzo
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by Marie
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