Can I stay in the clouds forever? Because I like it here

A verse from Zee Avi that hypnotized us to create our version of fairy tale, where we can flying, dancing and flowing in the clouds. Collaboration between Le’Motion Photo, Lizzie Parra and Allura, which created an effortless beauty for anyone who see or watch the pictures.
Perfectly captured by Le’Motion Photo which love to put details in every element with a touch of romantic vintage really makes this series look dreamy and so flawless.
We created a small garden and tent as the house, so she can be safe while playing and dancing in the clouds. We also chose some pastel colors lace for the dress, with pretty glowing makeup and an effortless hairstyle from Lizzie Parra. 

The gorgeous hairpieces are from Allura Design, which delivered a chich-vintage style but also glamour for this look. Such a pretty headpieces full with blooming flowers that made this look so dramatically beautiful!

Now, she's flying, dancing and flowing in the clouds!
Just stay in the clouds
Cos' I like it here...

Stay Awesome,

Lizzie Parra

Jimthanks for the kind comments. I think you are new here, so i'll pop over to see you toorormw. Garyi'll give you the queen nothing like her! (though my maiden initials were hm! )having spent 11 years as an air traffic controller, where i had to make sure that my instructions were clearly understood, i lost most of any accent i had. Lizzie wasn't just criticizing she was being honest and constructive, which was a great help. My son approved my second version. Enjoyed being introduced to linda i like being with other strong women and the more of us the better! Grrrr! As for long comments actually i like to read them from others so i feel that it is only right i do the same here.
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