a hijab fashion editorial spread for Aquila magazine
(published as VEIL SUPREME)
photographer: Michael Cools
stylist: Rajasa Pramesywara
mua: Lizzie Parra
model: Polia 21MM Management
asst. photographer: Mutia and Raden Ayu Laras
location: Jika studio 


Stay Awesome,

Lizzie Parra

Maryam from

Great work by the dt. The always isinpre me. Hugs, dj1952i'm sorry that i won't be able to leave comments on your blogger after this, but i feel that word verification steals time away that i could do other things. I will work at going to the individual blogs, but i'm not always able to do that.
by Demank
Thoughts on the day. A0their wedding was rltcneey featured on the washington dc wedding blog united with love. A0megan and laura of events in the city worked so hard to elaborate on karen and paul's
by Marvin
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by Whole
Goebbels, i have to say that despite microsoft’s rcneet advertising attempts (”start something”), it’s been scoble’s openness, along with various other things scoble has pointed to, that has me convinced things are microsoft are changing. I’ve only been reading for six months. In other words, you are a sucker for advertising. Why do i care? Scoble has no decision-making ability, he has few high-level information or even contacts. He's a marketer, and you've decided that since you like the guy, you like the company. Am i supposed to be impressed? I'm not. Blogging & the internet is changing the nature of advertising, so why won’t you admit it? No, it hasn't. Advertising still wants to create an image for the consumer, it still wants to explain how its products or services work and are desirable to the consumer, it still wants to convince the consumer through flash, appeal, testimony, whatever that the consumer likes the product. What we have here is a clear example of where blogging cannot achieve the purpose: one of the most massive rebrandings ever. (and let's not forget: this is sbc which purchased some of at&ts assets renaming themselves at&t; not at&t. ) rebranding requires creating an image (literal and figurative) with the user and hammering over and over. There is no way even 10,000 bloggers could achieve what this very simple ad, in addition to many, many others can via billboards, direct mailers, magazine ads, tv ads, and numerous other advertising outlets (including blogging). What is clear is blogging is just one mode of advertising, but that it works in the same way as traditional advertising. (it may have particular strengths and weaknesses as any mode of advertising does have. )but just because the ad says blogging , it's scoble's absurd theory that paying 1,000 bloggers 1 million dollars each would achieve a massive national and even multinational rebranding? Absurd. The purpose of the ad is primarily to say: remember sbc, remember at&t, well we're now one company, this is our new logo, this is a new tag line, we'll be harking various services via the word. Delivered tag (not just blogging) to try to create a new mission and image for our company going forward. I do not know a single blogger that can reach all of the demographics that sbc must reach; i do not even imagine 10,000 bloggers put together have the same reach that sbc must achieve. And i think it's clear that some silly bloggers typing away about sbc cannot achieve rebranding goals: make the audience aware of the new name, logo, and vision as well as visual ads. So, scoble, the alleged marketing wunderkind for microsoft (when he is actually just a low-level tech evangelist who makes movies and writes poorly thoughtout blog entries) makes the silly mistake of claiming that sbc/at&t is behind the times, wasting money on something that could be accomplished soley through blogging because the ad mentions blogging when blogging is in fact almost entirely irrelevent to the campaign. So i'll leave you and robert with this simple question: are you asserting that this massive rebranding can be accomplished soley through blogs? And, is yes, are you aware of how irrelevent and foolish that makes you sound to anyone who knows a piss about advertising? Http://tzkonqr. Com [url=http://uqjornc. Com]uqjornc[/url] [link=http://fufhuih. Com]fufhuih[/link]
by Dragica
I think it is an issue that politicians still believe would take votes away from them. That said obama will clearly be better for mass transit than mccain and as joe biden was recently quoted as saying “if elected we will be the most transit friendly administration in hi#2yro. &s8t21; i’ll take it.
by Tallin