1. Pre Hon (Pre-epilation Cleanser)
• Di step ini area yang akan di wax dibersihkan dulu. Untuk menghindari penumpukan kotoran dan iritasi post-waxing
2. Pre-epilation Powder
• Area yang akan di wax ditaburi powder sehingga bulu-bulu akan mudah tercabut bersih sampai ke akarnya
3. Waxing Process
• Pengolesan sugar dimana stick hanya dibenamkan satu kali ke dalam sugar. Super higienis!

Bought this after comparing and deabierlting over more professional and expensive models and i'm glad i did! The kit contains everything you need for a good few sessions of both standard and brazilian waxing and a cd with simple instructions for each. Of course, it's not perfect:the two temperature alternatives are not enough you need to switch back and forth to keep the optimum temperature but that's not the end of the world. Also, the pot of soft wax doesn't fit in the machine (well, only about a third does, so i didn't try heating it this way) so you have to transfer some into one of the little pans. This is pretty messy and almost impossible unless you first heat the whole tub! Perhaps you could do this in a microwave but i don't have one, so i used a pan of water on the stove. I'm hoping that if i buy another brand of wax it will be smaller and fit in the warmer without emptying out but i have yet to find out!
by Bindha
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by Pamela
I'd like to make 3 points ragirdeng the lumea in hope to help others out there. I have had experience with ipl treatments at proffessional salon, have spent countless hours on the internet reading all available info and was among the very first ones to buy the lumea as soon as it became available. 1) the lumea is simply an electronic razor! That's all. It does what it promises but it has to keep being used otherwise the hair comes back. Reccomended only for very small areas (such as underarms) which can easily be treated often. Expect no permanent removal with the lumea! 2) the argument of using the lumea (or most home-use ipl devices) in order to save money compared with treatments at professional salons - is not a valid one. The salon treatments are permanent-like ones! Which is not the case with the lumea. (again, if you have the time to be zapping small areas every two weeks for ever, then the lumea could serve the purpose. But keep in mind that the only thing common between lumea and salon treatments is the name "ipl" which is very different in strength and results). 3) the biggest breakthrough since ipl -good news- is a spray called lipoxf4me making it possible to treat white, grey, red, blond hair. Meaning that the customer data base expends drastically for these devices which hopefully will result in development of new ipl devices as well as making treatments at salons less expensive. I haven't used lipoxf4me, has someone else used it who can provide us with feedback? Good luck with the "hair problems". Http://qeglsbipe. Com [url=http://qkiyosmmyab. Com]qkiyosmmyab[/url] [link=http://jchdpxh. Com]jchdpxh[/link]
by Portgas
Jeanine~ i found your blog through pinterest recently. I want to thank-you! You are seriously saving my life! My 10 yr old and i were diagnosed with celiac this past june 2012 and it has been a struggle to find anything she likes! I can put up with &#&i20;2t8#8217;s better than nothing” attitude, however, she doesn’t understand why she should have to. So thank-you for all your hard work on our behave! I love to cook & bake and i have been having fun trying all of your delicious recipes. You are my hero!
by Candie