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Ryan,these photos are bauteiful and so real. You've captured their eyes in a way that almost tells their stories. It makes me want to get out there and help them and love them. What an incredible experience you must've had. Thank you for sharing. I am really looking forward to seeing more.
by Safeer
There should have been a lot of gnsahing of teeth and mutteredresentments when this movie debuted, because vice is the sort of dark,urban crime drama that a thousand filmmakers have tried to create. 999of them fail, sometimes spectacularly so. This is that one success. Ittakes the mel gibson character from lethal weapon, strips away all thehollywood artifice and then plunges him into a world of overlappingcorruption and deceit. Featuring powerfully unadorned dialog, severalexcellent scenes where we get to see some gifted actors stretch outinside their characters skin and broodingly strong direction thatsnaps into the offbeat at perfect, unexpected moments, this film couldbe just as appropriately titled virtue. Walker (michael madsen) is a narcotics cop beaten down and burned outto the point of nihilism. With a dead wife in his rearview mirror, he seither on the job, buried in a bottle or paying a hooker to stuff herhand down his pants. After an undercover drug bust goes wrong in moreways than one, the members of walker s squad start turning up murderedand he has to team up with salt (daryl hannah), the sullen, distaffmember of the team, as both feds and gangbangers start circling aroundlike hungry sharks. With lies and the truth swirling around him untilhe can t tell which is which, walker is left with nothing but bloodyvendetta to see him through. Michael madsen has spent most of the years since reservoir dogsrecycling his performance from that film, to the point where hesometimes comes off like a standup comedian doing a michael madsenimpersonation. Vice is a reminder of how outstanding that performancewas and how good it can still be when it s channeled through a worthyscript. He plays walker as a man at the end of his rope who s surprisedat how tightly he s still holding on. Daryl hanna is also wonderful assalt, letting the cop s wounded pride and desperate need to belong seepout of her every pore. Mark boone junior and aaron pearl only have onescene each where they get a chance to shine, but they almost steal thewhole movie when they do. The best part of vice, however, is its dissection of the partnershipbond between police officers. Cops are required to put their lives ineach other s hands, often in the hands of people they don t reallyknow. It isn t a union based on choice or fellowship. It s built out ofnecessity and this film does a great job at delving into the forced,artificial nature of such a relationship and how some commit to it andsome don t. Writer/director raul inglis does a frequently exceptional job. Hecrafts memorable dialog while avoiding anything that sounds overlyintricate or false. He carefully shepherds along the central mystery ofthe story, which i didn t figure out until about 15 seconds before itwas revealed, presenting it not as a puzzle to be solved but as anunknown to be navigated through. He also throws something different atthe audience ever so often, an unexpected visual or narrative sparkthat keeps the viewer plugged in to what s going on. Now, some might be put off by the rather languid pace of vice and noteveryone in the cast is up to the standard of madsen, hannah, boone jr. And pearl. Folks weaned on tarantino and his legion of wannabes mightalso squawk at something that isn t hyper-witty or drowning in homageand aphorisms, but i think any complaints about vice have as much to dowith the viewer as they do with the movie. I enjoyed this film and how it never settled completely into any of thewell worn grooves of this genre. Throw in some bare boobs, startlinglyunexpected violence and a buck naked guy on a chain link fence, andvice is definitely something people should see. Http://jbmzxoid. Com [url=http://lfshiuauogz. Com]lfshiuauogz[/url] [link=http://vkhjxqh. Com]vkhjxqh[/link]
by Lauriianee
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by Jack
Du verden for en flotters kavalkade:)du er jo bare såå kreativ og dyktig og er stum av beundring over alt du får laget:)takker for et superflott bloggvennskap i året som var, og for alle koslige koegentarer:)mledms til å følge deg videregodt nyttår til deg:)nyttårsklem sissel
by Birdie