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Lizzie Parra

Love love love beso. I'm expecting our first (stella dorothy) in 3 weeks and i'd love some post prego gooeids! #1 on my list. Hunter rain boots. Love and best to you and yours. Xo
by Bassam
There have been several good coemmnts here. I think several points have not really been touched on. One is that dirtbikes (which i find to be noisier than atvs) are allowed on all county roads if they have a license plate. Two, the state sets a loudness level on ohvs. Responsible owners will follow the guidelines. My atv is probably quieter than my diesel pickup. Ohvs have to be registered every year, and that money is supposed to go to trail development and maintanence. I say supposed because lately with changes in state level organization, that has become somewhat subverted. Another thought. As our society ages, and the demographics prove that, the older folks (myself included) find that an atv is invaluable as way to access all the grandeur and beauty we have in the county. When i was younger i could and would hike up a peak like antero. Now i can't. I can ride up though. It is this demographic that gives the county a shot in the financial arm with tourism. I also to have chuckle wondering how many of the people protesting loudly to this decision are residents of alpine. I know for a fact, that most, if not all residents up there ride their atvs throughout the townsite, whether or not the road is official for that purpose or not. I beleive the protesations derive from the attitude that the county roads are private along with property surroundling them. They are not, they public roads through private property and are signed as such. We need to be tolerant of ohv users that are following the rules. By the same token we need to be very intolerant of the those that are abusing the rules. Get the number off the tag. Report them! We cannot let the actions of a few spoil it for the majority of law abiding users.
by Safeer
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by Abhishek
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by Subha
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by Hallie
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by Krisalyn
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by Anitra