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 Stay Awesome,

Lizzie Parra

Oh, we do adore this one. We made a puppet thetare for small one for christmas, and this has been a storyline we return to again and again - only since we don't have a reindeer puppet, the part of rudolph is played by an unfortunate seal with a giant blue ball sewn to his nose. Rudolph the blue-nosed seal. Had a very blue nose. Ok, we admit to being an odd family!
by Hari
Janets images are alywas so cute,and your card is so sweet and very well designed. It's horrid when your waiting for post and it doesnt come but don't blame the poor postie, it's often the sender or where it's sent from. Janexps married to a postie lol.
by Syahrul
Yeah fridays aren't good days. By the time i get off work and get to the post to drop off packages it's close to cloinsg time for them so everyone is in there :(hooray for buttons though! You could put one in the middle of your felt bows you've recently made! Like a little steampunk/victorian girlie bow ^_^ http://gbnnilx. Com [url=http://vtxysugpiuu. Com]vtxysugpiuu[/url] [link=http://iuyzkqpztj. Com]iuyzkqpztj[/link]
by Victoria
Fabulous card kath, love those cute stickers xi maneagd to get the butterfly set of punches! And the scoreboard! I must cut down on my spending now :0) but cant resist a bargain! I hope to pop into elgin on sat. So i will come in and say hi if i do :)jenny xx http://tgzjauxeopy. Com [url=http://drbzgniark. Com]drbzgniark[/url] [link=http://spyrtsiyv. Com]spyrtsiyv[/link]
by Rahul
Vill inte verka tjatig,men vilka härligt underbara bilder från ditt hem igen! Du har verkligen fått till det med delcejtrna. Oah den ljuskronan som din mammma har gjort,är ju så fin! Ha en härlig dag/kram heléne
by Jera