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Lizzie Parra

This was really cute. You have to love these vioeds, but i'm a little leery of posting vioeds and photos of my kids in a public place like youtube. Maybe i'm old-fashioned, who knows. Still some of the vioeds they do have up are soooo funny and cute.
by Aldilene
Could someone pslaee tell me how i will be able to post any entries if i don't have a blog? I am not sure how to do it anyway, but would just like to know how i could enter any competition without a blog. Thank you. Jen xx
by Rezpector
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by Laurence
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by John
Very lovely, and very flattering dress! Though your awesome shoes and bag are trying to steal all the attention away from it with their aweemoensss lol not to mention the amazing mani - purple panicure! Great find, great look.
by Wanita
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by Jeslyn
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by Cordy