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Hi allsorry i haven't replied to all your eralier comments and thanks for the positive feedback so far. I know that i can improve on what i have done but i'm so glad that i have managed to get it going. Nigelthanks for noticing what i had done with my slides i do try to pay some attention to details. I didn't use a video of myself for the simple reason that i do not have a video camera at the moment and cannot afford one i'll have to wait until i make some sales! Our webcam is poor quality so i did not want to use that. I'm going to see if i can borrow one in the future, but i wanted to get something done with my first video. Hence this offering. Davewas it the wording on the slides or the pictures that didn't make sense to you? I'll be happy to give you an explanation if i can. Some of them are straightforward, though others are a little more obtuse. I wanted to make people think! I'll go over to the resources page on your blog to have a look at what you have. Good luck with your own article and the squeeze page. I had problems with my original setup and loading and so far haven't done any more. I need to have another go though! Vincethanks for your information about the resale rights on camstudio. I used camtasia to record this video and i will certainly be interested. I'll pop over to your blog to have a look and i'll add a new post soon where i'll mention it for you. Garryi'm glad you liked the personal touch it is who i am and what means the most to me, so i just had to be real about it. I'm not as good with the comedy side of things and i loved your video it really had me laughing, as did others. So i have stuck to what i know i can do. After all we are all different. Thanks for all your hard work with the ppp it is so good to have a place where the talents of so many people are brought together for us to find. You obviously have a little more time to do that sort of thing than i do, so well done and i look forward to being able to contribute later perhaps about trying to do this as a working mum and the importance of planning and not getting it right but getting it going. I have had that phrase on the wall over my computer for quite some time now. I first heard it from. It's the header on his blog page and i really like it so was pleased to hear alex use it too. By the way, was this your official visit? If so you didn't leave me a passport number! Beckythanks for your positive comments. Yes it is important for us to get them especially when you are struggling with screaming children or being mum's taxi. I love what others are doing to help us and especially gary simpson's comments about women in the. Means more now that q has been revealed! Marki hope that you enjoyed your vacation -it's good to see you here and thanks for your positive comment see my reply to becky above. I meant to say thanks for your help with my ppp and opt-in box. I knew how busy you were and i was offered further help which i took. Looking forward to your interview!
by Daniel
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by Syahrul
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by Saidhar
Disse:oi márcia,eu também não sei! Mas, de todo, talvez, se puder me dizer um pouco mais sobre como você tem conceituado tal expressão &#ni02;declí82o da função paterna”, eu possa falar um pouco mais sobre isso. Vamos às trocas dialógicas? Aquele abraço…!
by Kayli
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by Bubbie