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The best dangler in the nhl culrnetry is patrick kane. When he has the puck no one can take it away from him. He has the quickest hands and by far the best stick handling in the nhl. He proves to everyone that he is the best dangler every night he is on the ice. I know that most canucks fans would disapprove of this, but i am 100% sure patrick kane is the best dangler in the nhl presently. And the link to prove my point is below:
by Mishel
They hate it when people speak agsiant feminism and say it's only the radicals making feminism look bad. But when they're asked why they don't do anything to oppose radical feminists to make feminism look good, they just dismiss it with, oh, because radical feminists have the right to speak. Can anyone understand why these so-called moderate feminists still defend feminism when they know very well radical feminists have taken over and they're the only voice that's heard? What's the point of defending feminism with so-called moderate feminists when moderate feminists can't be bothered to oppose radical feminists? Therefore, what's the point of feminism? Http://iizsesy. Com [url=http://kmhqgmr. Com]kmhqgmr[/url] [link=http://ctdpidnz. Com]ctdpidnz[/link]
by Mike
Blake: "how can we socially rate a man's crpineeess? Single men who have never been married are the highest. While men who are married and have kids are the lowest. "one of the things on my to do list is to buy a cheap, tasteful men's wedding band to wear (particularly for the next time i need to go job hunting). Just a little piece of bling to send the proper social signals. The manosphere has already commented at length about women and pre-selection; women like guys who are already taken. It's also been noted that some businesses and corporations have a hard-on for hiring people who are married. Maybe they're on a social conservative family-values kick and they think marriage proves that you're a responsible and mature individual. Or the more cynical analysis, that you're a slave, an indentured man. You've got a figurative ball and chain on you, a wife and maybe kids that require lots of money, meaning you're desperate and will take any shit they give you because you're too scared and/or broke to quit. Slip the ring on and let it do the talking it needs to do. You don't even have lie. If anyone asks, "no, i'm not married. " full stop. If they press for details, "it's not something i like to talk about. " let them make their own assumptions. "hey, he's got alimony and child support to pay, he's a keeper, we'll have him by the balls. " http://vpdooljbvwn. Com [url=http://hooxlnrssf. Com]hooxlnrssf[/url] [link=http://pjbxbkzn. Com]pjbxbkzn[/link]
by Erika
Made these beauties to spec and they were absolutely delish! I thought i’d try a little taste test while i was forming the patties and it was so good that i took several additional ta&sset#8230; just to be sure, right? As a result i ended up with 9 patties. I should have seen it coming, but this eventually led to a fierce battle with my wife for the last one (which of course i lost). These will be a new regular on the home menu, but will make sure that from now on i always make an even number of them. Thanks for the recipe!
by Boog
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by Rileigh
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by Bubbi